Happy Birthday, Dear Shannon!

 Happy Birthday, Shannon! This (true) story is for you.


Opening Statements

“Hi Shannon, guess where I was this weekend?” I am on the phone with my 6-year-old niece.

“At the cottage?” She loves our cottage.

“Yep. I had a party. A bunch of my girl friends were there.”

“Did you catch any fish?”

Crap. I forgot about her fishing fascination. Think, Kerry, think. You are a lawyer. Answer truthfully and move on.

“Nope. But we swam and played games and-“


Cross Examination

“Weren’t they biting?” Shannon sounds skeptical.

Double crap. Think, think. Your job is to spin answers to tough questions.

“Nope, they weren’t biting.” Technically true: we weren’t giving them anything to bite.


In for the Kill

“Well, did you even try?” Her indignation is palpable.

The witness caves.

“No, we didn’t. We didn’t fish.”

Schooled, Counselor.

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