The Countdown Begins: 19 days

We leave July 15 for Cajamarca, Peru.  In the past 2 months we have:

  • sold our house
  • moved into an awesome apartment on Milwaukee’s East Side with a great lake view
  • disposed of 95% of our belongings
  • quit our jobs
  • hung out as much as possible with friends and family

While we made the most of these past two months, somehow the departure date has crept up on me.  Denial?  Probably, but that isn’t always a bad thing.  In this case, it allowed me to fully enjoy each day off and not have time with friends and family tainted by “this is the last time…” thoughts.  But now that our departure date is getting closer, it is hard to ignore the “last time” aspect of these experiences.  It also means that I can no longer put off packing, which I should be good at by now, but am not!  We started packing, but have a long way to go.