I’m an American who embarked on a new ex-pat life and left my lawyer self behind.  My husband, Matt, and I are born and raised Wisconsinites who in 2013 decided to incorporate our love of travel and experiencing new cultures into our daily lives by chucking our jobs, home and delightful lives in the States in exchange for a mid-life adventure.  Matt’s status as an educator provides international employment opportunities for him, and I am along for the ride as a “trailing spouse.”  First stop – Cajamarca, Peru!

Here is how we broke the news to friends and family:

Out with old       In with Peru

Leaving our house in Wauwatosa:


Loving our temporary life on Milwaukee’s East Side:


The Calling


Pier Wisconsin and the Dennis Sullivan

We spent 20 great months in Peru and made the most of our time in the Andes.

Next stop was 2 years in Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador. The adventure continued, but it wasn’t easy.

After a 4-month vacation split between South America and the US, we moved to Mexico City in August, 2017. Settling into a metropolis has been so easy compared to our other moves and we are enjoying life back in civilization! Stay tuned for future adventures!

Mexican Flag - 1

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  2. So good to meet you both yesterday. A really enjoyable day in Paracas! Will look forward to catching up with your blog on our return to the Falklands, and following your adventures in Peru. Best wishes for the future, Peter & Annie

    • Likewise! Matt and I enjoyed your and Annie’s company and will look for the details of the rest of your Peruvian vacation (to get ideas for ours!) and other adventures on peterspenguinpost.blogspot.com. Safe travels!

  3. Hi Kerry, remember me from St. Henry’s? Just discovered Julie Peirick (Wood) works here at Northwestern Mutual for the last 14 years and I’ve been here 10 years, but our paths never crossed until someone mentioned she was from Watertown, and I messaged to find out who she was. So we’ve been messaging this afternoon and she said to check out your blog. Email me.

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