One Week to Go!

Our first full week at the cottage was great. Getting here last Sunday was not- a full day of progressively more panicked packing, followed by a trip to Tommy’s to unload our boxes ready for retrieval on the 15th, and then off to sell the car. Our good friend Ann was waiting here when we arrived at 11:15 pm with stiff drinks and a very late dinner. Leaving Milwaukee knowing we no longer actually have a home there was a strange feeling.

But Monday brought a new perspective- peace. The hard part was done: our belongings were packed and everything in place for the move. So we celebrated with a round of golf and a day of relaxing on the lake. Tuesday was a work day- we watched four movies as we spent the day unpacking and organizing all of the boxes we moved to the cottage. On Wednesday we started entertaining family and friends and continued to do so through the weekend. The weather was great and we enjoyed lots of lake time and fun with friends.

This week brings a little different feeling- a week of lasts. Our last Monday here, our last round of golf for a year etc. It’s a little bittersweet but we still plan to enjoy every day and not dwell on the finality each day brings. If I can add the “first” of catching a muskie before I leave, the last week will be perfect!




3 thoughts on “One Week to Go!

  1. I’m so excited for you both!!! Can’t wait to read about the first week in Peru!! That is all, “kerry” on 🙂

  2. The great thing about your “week of lasts” is that it will be followed by a “week of firsts”. I cannot believe how fast time has passed…

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